SLP Supercharged Camaro SS pulls against brand-new Z06

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Does it take a supercharger for a Camaro to beat a bone-stock Z06? Watch this video and find out.

The 2010 Camaro SS rocks an SLP supercharger, full exhaust, intake and tune for around 572 rear-wheel horsepower. It pulls hard, and sounds great, and is also very yellow in color. The white C7 Corvette Z06, meanwhile, is allegedly stock.

A couple of well-meaning highway pulls later, and it seems like it’s bye bye, Camaro—650 horsepower is always enough, especially when a mere 572 horsepower isn’t.

2015 C7 Z06 (A8) vs SLP Supercharged Camaro SS (572 rwhp)

2015 C7 Z06 (A8) vs SLP Supercharged Camaro SS (572 rwhp)



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